Chicken Licken

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This animated tale is a modern and colourful retelling of the classic children’s story. Chicken Licken is convinced the sky is falling down, and goes to tell the zookeeper. He gathers his friends Cyril Squirrel, Thelma Lemur, Matt the Bat, Deborah Zebra, and Zippo Hippo as he goes. Dialogue pops up on each of the 8 screens to move the story along. The lively and funny screens contain many useful devices to support work in the classroom, such as speech bubbles and rhyming words. Ask the children to make predictions about the story as you read it, and develop their memory skills by getting them to remember the names of all the animals. Use this animated tale when working on retelling familiar stories or learning about rhyme.

This Animated Tale is also available to use offline or on a computer with restricted access.
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