Reception Storytelling Videos

Our storytellers bring a variety of fables, fairy-tales and modern stories to life in these videos of lively readings of stories from around the world.



Children will love listening to this simple but lively version of Cinderella! Wilf Merttens tells the story of this traditional fairy-tale in which Cinderella's fairy-godmother helps Cinderella get to the ball.

11 mins

Farm Story

Sit comfortably and listen to Wilf Merttens tell the Farm Story! In this traditional tale a poor man lives in a crowded house with his large family. Driven to despair by the noise and lack of space he asks his priest for advice. The resulting chaos teaches the man a valuable lesson!

9 mins

Ugly Duckling

Listen to the tale of the Ugly Duckling, as told by Wilf Merttens. In this fairy-tale the Ugly Duckling is different to all the other ducklings, and is eventually driven away. He spends a lonely winter, but at the end is welcomed by a group of swans and discovers that he himself is a beautiful swan.

5 mins

Race Across the River

Find out how the Chinese years got their names in the story of the Race Across the River told by Adele Moss. The Jade Emperor sets the animals on a race to decide how he should decide the names and order of years, from the Year of the Rat to the Year of the Pig. Find out why each year is associated with an animal and some particular characteristics and why there is no year of the cat.

14 mins

Sleeping Beauty

Adele Moss tells a traditional version of the fairy tale, Sleeping Beauty, in this storytelling video. Told without props to a group of children, this tale can be used to support English teaching in primary schools.

22 mins