Key Stage 1 Storytelling Videos

Our storytellers bring a variety of fables, fairy-tales and modern stories to life in these videos of lively readings of stories from around the world.

Key Stage 1


Sit back and listen to Wilf Merttens tell this story about a scary dinosaur that threatens to eat a whole village in China. The mayor sends his bravest warrior, a lion, a tiger and an elephant to defeat the dinosaur but all fail to stop the Tyrannosaurus Rex! Then some clever school-children come up with a cunning plan to save the day.

14 mins

Three Little Pigs

Thrilling storyteller Wilf Merttens brings the fairy-tale of the Three Little Pigs to life. He sticks closely to the traditional form and emphasizes the repeating patterns in the story.

6 mins

Rama and Sita - Part 1

Listen to Wilf Merttens tell the traditional tale of Rama and Sita (Part 1 of 2). Watch Part 2. In part 1 of this tale from another culture, Prince Rama weds Sita by successfully drawing Shiva's bow. Due to inherit a kingdom, Rama is instead exiled into the forest along with Sita.

9 mins

Rama and Sita - Part 2

Listen to Wilf Merttens tell the traditional tale of Rama and Sita (Part 2 of 2). Watch Part 1. In Part 2, the evil Ravana tricks Rama and Rama's brother Lakshmana into leaving Sita alone. He kidnaps Sita and carries her away. When Rama and Lakshmana return, they realise they must rescue Sita.

7 mins

Snow White

Join storyteller Adele Moss as she tells the traditional story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. This captivating storytelling brings to life the characters of the Evil Queen, Snow White and the seven dwarves. The kindness of the huntsman ensures Snow White survives her stepmother’s evil plan and Snow White finds a new home with some good friends. Unluckily for Snow White the magic mirror gives away her hiding place and the Evil Queen continues to pursue her…

34 mins