Helping parents

Use these videos and related materials to help parents support the development of their children's key skills.

How to help your child with writing - Part 1 (pre-school)

This video presents simple advice on helping a young child to write. Writing is a very complicated skill and we should not forget this! On the one hand, children have to come up with ideas of what to write and on the other hand they need to know how to form letters and words.

10 mins

How to help your child with maths - Part 1 (pre-school)

Simple advice on helping a pre-school child to do maths. In children’s first years, parents can have a profound effect on their mathematical enthusiasm and attainment. Not by ‘teaching them maths’ – arguably this will put them off or confuse them! But by being sensitive to all those day-to-day situations in which mathematical ideas arise or mathematical skills can be practised.

9 mins

How to help your child with reading - Part 2 (KS1)

Simple advice on helping a child start reading. During the first years at primary school, as children get to grips with the basics of reading, the main role of parents is to make the most of regular opportunities for practising reading outside of school AND, most importantly, to make sure that reading remains a fun and interesting activity our children WANT to do.

9 mins

How to help your child with maths - Part 2 (KS1)

Simple advice on helping an infant child with maths. As children start school they will try to make connections between the things they are learning to do at school and the mathematics they meet in their everyday lives. It is at this stage that parents can be at their most influential. The number facts children learn, and the understanding they develop, will underpin their progress through the rest of their school career.

10 mins