The Pet Who Flew

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This is realistic fiction with familiar settings. Tilly has always wished for a pet, but her mum and dad do not think it’s a good idea. One day, a baby swallow hurtles into Tilly’s window and knocks itself out. Tilly names him ‘Speedy’ and secretly looks after the bird. She learns how to catch flies to take care of it. She discovers that swallows migrate in winter, and in the end Speedy heads out for Africa. The final slide contains no words but children could decide whether or not Speedy returns to Tilly the following summer. Throughout, click on the nests for some discussion and writing suggestions, such as ‘have you ever had to keep a secret?’ or ‘have you ever begged your parents for something? How did you persuade them?’ as well as facts about birds and migration.

This Animated Tale is also available to use offline or on a computer with restricted access.
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